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OnePlus 8: Launches Instagram filters to provide a virtual unboxing experience

OnePlus 8: Launches Instagram filters to provide a VR experience

OnePlus 8: Leading smart phone, OnePlus has just launched new Instagram filters for its users. These new filters offer a especial virtual OnePlus 8 Series unboxing experience for fans as they practice social distancing. The filters are an interesting way to mitigate the dare that Covid-19 has imposed. It will ensure that users don’t miss out on checking both the mobile in all their glory.

The best part of about the filters is that fans don’t even need to leave their homes to experience these Phone . OnePlus has launched two new filters, one for each device. These filters use the AR (Augmented Reality) features present on most modern smartphones to function. Users can unbox both the devices step-by-step to check all the contents of the box. Let’s see how these filters look in practice.

Fans can access the OnePlus 8 Pro Social app Instagram filter here to experience the premium flagship smartphone at their home. They can also tap here to entrance the OnePlus 8 virtually. As part of the declaration, the company noted that it hopes to bring the devices to the Indian market as soon as possible.

It also asked its fans to share the “personalized unboxings” on different social media platforms. Best part about this experience is that it is interactive in nature. In addition to tapping on the screen when prompted to go with the unboxing, users can also select the accessory that they want to check.

Source: BGR

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